All my acrylics art work is on canvas or wood panel. Please click on the image or the title to view more details about it.

Posters for all the artwork are available in very high quality art grade prints. Please email for more details.

'Ganesha'  Framed  48*40 inches  Price on request

An Indian Bride  Framed   23x19   Price on request

Grandma's Kitchen  20x16  $250

Golden Sunset in Thar Desert      16*20 inches      $250

Peacock in Mirror Palace   24x12   Price on request

Royal Entrance     20*16 inches      $350

SOLD!     Expecto Patronium    16*20inches    $250

SOLD!     Whale Spun    16*20inches    $250

SOLD!     Inner child's electric vibes    16*20inches    $250

SOLD!     Wise Connections    16*20inches    $250

SOLD! Energizing Snake  24x18  $250

SOLD! Energizing Snake  Glows in the dark

Being!  20x16  $150

Being!  20x16  $150

SOLD!   "The Forgotten Indian Coolie Woman"   24*18  

Rajasthani Bandhej  8x8  $75

Rajasthani Lehariya  4x12  $50

Jaipur Blue Pottery  12x8  $75

SOLD! Tea - A Hug in a Mug  20x16  $150 

SOLD! Morning Blue Birds  20x16  $150 

SOLD! Grand Teton  18x24  $250

SOLD! Reflections  20x16  $150 

Nature's Palette  20x16  $150 

Joyful     20*16 inches      $175

Whisperers of Love   16*12 inches   $125

Dream Abode   24*18 inches   $350

Santorini Diaries  16*12 inches  $200    

Flower of the sea  16x12  $100    

Cardinal  16x12  $100    

"Transphobia Doesn't Help"     12*16     $150