A Balanced Energizing Snake!

Year: 2022

Material: Acrylic on canvas with glow in the dark paint

Height: 18 inches, Width: 24 inches

Price: $250

To buy: Please email CreativeHead@OMeghaSpark.ca

Painting in normal light

The snake in this painting represents a being with very dark experiences of heart breakage, distrust, hardships, lack of love and lots of pain. When the person worked on balancing its energies, chakras and went within, the whole darkness was converted into positive energy, love, goodnesss and an inspiration for others!

Painting in the dark

The painting glows in the dark representing the postitivity of the dark being and its energy field despite the hardships in it's life. It gives a strong message to the viewers that darkenss can also be good if we can really tame and balance it, it can be turned into a strong postive energy!