Megha Birmiwal

Artist Bio:

I am an emerging artist based in Ontario, Canada. After working as a Software Engineer in companies like LinkedIn, Google and Oracle; I am now a full time artist and a writer. I am the President of Kitchener Waterloo Society of Artists (KWSA), a Board Member for Belmont Village Bestival and an Academy Member for Arts Awards Waterloo Region.  I am also the founder President of 'Sushila Goyal Group' that focuses on spreading Indian Culture and supporting creativity enhancing activities for kids and the general community.  I am an active member of local art groups and organizations like Button Factory Arts, KWSA and Central Ontario Arts Association

My art work primarily depicts the cultural heritage, colors, traditions and beauty of Rajasthan which is a province in India known for its rich culture and historical beauty.  Some of my art pieces also convey the healing power of meditation and aspects of spiritualism.  Each one of my art pieces has been inspired by various experiences of my own life. I am an Indian, now settled in North America, a logical tech person on a spiritual path, and a visionary of a beautiful balanced Earth! Through my creative sparks - paintings, books, photographs and blogs - I want people to immerse themselves in their past, present and future; feel the cultural and modern vibes, inspire and get inspired and see the light in the darkness!