A Beautiful Indian Bride!

Year: 2022

Material: Acrylic on wood panel with embellishments

Height: 23 inches, Width: 19 inches

Price: Price on request

To buy: Please email CreativeHead@OMeghaSpark.ca

This painting is of a beautiful Indian bride ready for her wedding. The vibrancy and sparkles of her dress, the elegance of her jewelry, the joy in her movement are whispering to the universe that this occassion is very special to her. She is wholeheartedly grateful to her parents, her family and the universe for this abundance!

The SWIRLS in the painting represent the untamable energy of happiness and anticipation that's going to be the strength of her married life.

Well, how will her married life really unfold? Will the scars of an acid attacked past get in the way of her blissful dream life? Will a beautiful beginning be possible despite a traumatic past? Will her love be enough to cover the flaws in her external beauty?