Sushila Goyal Group

Sushila Goyal Group was created in 2022 by Megha Goyal Birmiwal, in the honor of her mother Sushila Goyal. The group's main focus is to promote creativity enhancing activities like visual arts and writing. It spreads the beauty and joy of  Indian Rajasthani Culture through dances. The group provides a platform for people to come together in a healthy and productive way. It helps women to  break the conventional thinking of confining themselves to the duties of a mother, a wife and a house caretaker; and encourages them to step out and pursue their passion and do something out of the ordinary.

About Sushila Goyal (Singhania)

Sushila Goyal (Singhania) is an inspirational woman who belives in staying positive, strong and doing the right thing.  She strongly supports the idea of equality of a girl and a boy child.  she has always worked towards providing equaly opportunities to girls so they can learn, grow and make a difference to the world. 

She was born and brought up in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. Despite being from a traditional orthodox environment (Jhunjhunu), she played several sports like kho kho, kabaddi, basketball at district and state levels. She  was an excellent speaker, and won several debate and extempore competitions. She participated in skits. Did her college in person while all other girls chose a private option. Despite from arts background, she had immense knowlege of accounting and financing from her father.

Universe knew she was very capable, that's why it chose to bless her with 4 beautiful daughters whom she nurtured into inspirational human beings; and very educated and capable women - Her first born is a very senior medical surgeon in Rajasthan, her second born became a software engineer and then a full time artist and a philanthrophist; the third one is a senior Vice President in a Financial firm in Canada and the fourth one a Senior Director at a  private company in Rajasthan. 

Hats off to you mummy for staying strong through your tough and unconventional journey! I,  your daughter, Megha Goyal Brimiwal, dedicate 'Sushila Goyal Group' to  you and your beliefs.

Glimpse of cultural events by the group:  dance performances

Glimpse of creative events by the group: art contests