Art Events

Weekly: Art Classes for Kids

 I take weekly classes with kids from 4 years to 12 years of age in different batches. I cover watercolors painting, oil pastels, pencil colors and sketching skills with them.

The idea of these classes is to motivate kids towards more productive and healthier activities like arts instead of spending time in front of TV or video games. The environment of the class is very fun and relaxing. Kids thoroughly enjoy my classes and really look forward to attending them, and so do I :)

More details at: Art Lessons

Monthly: Woskshops for Adults

I take monthly workshops for adults in watercolors, acrylics etc for pots, bottles, boxes etc painting. 

These workshops provide a wonderful platform for adults to come together and let their creative juices flow. If you are interested in the workshops, see details at  Art Lessons

Art workshop at Button Factory Arts

Conducted an art workshop at Button Factory arts on Sunday, April 2nd 2023 on the theme of Holi - 'Dance of Colors' for ages 7+

Live art at The Link Gallery's Valentine's Day event

Made live art at the Valentine's Day event at the Waterloo Innovation Park to add more fun and colors to the event. People attending the event loved watching me paint, talked about the materials I was using and in general enjoyed the artists touch to the afternoon!

Corporate Paint Night, Jan 2023

Did a corporate paint night at Waterloo Innovation Park, with a group of around 10 people. I provided all the art materials (Easels, canvases, paints, brushes, rags, palettes, pencils, erasers, sharpies etc)  and gave step by step instructions to co-create some beautiful pieces of art. Everyone loved the process and their final art pieces. It was a huge hit!

Art Event @ Laurelwood Retirement Home, Oct 2022

Did a greeting card making activity @ Court At Laurelwood Retirement Residence. The activity was designed and conducted keeping in mind the reduced motor skills and weak eye sight of senior people. After one round of making greeting cards, they were so motivated, they made another set of greeting cards. One person made a Halloween themed greeting card for her son, another one made a portrait, one person did an En Plein Air from the window and one made a card from her imagination. They shared stories of their art experiences in the past, when they were younger. They also brought out their old art pieces and showed me. In-fact one lady who was 93 years old gifted me cards from her patch work art.

605 Laurelwood Dr, Waterloo, ON N2V 2W7

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Workshop @ Belmont Village Bestival, Sept 2022

I was one of the 5 artists selected out of 50 submissions to conduct an art workshop during Belmont Village Bestival in Sept, 2022

I taught kids, adults and seniors to paint on a rock. We made a beautiful peacock with embellishments. There were 15 attendees. It was interesting to have a couple, a mother-son pair, a mother-daughter pair, 3 generations from one family (son, mother and grandmother) attend the workshop that day. I loved guiding, inspiring and teaching them! 

Art event at a summer camp, Aug 2022

Did an art event with 100 kids (2 batches) from age 3 yrs to 12 yrs at Shri Ram Dham Hindu Temple during summer camop of 2022. Taught them to make some beautiful greeting cards using markers and pencil colors for Rakshabandhan and Krishna Janmashthmi theme. 

Art event at a Abraham Eb Public School, Waterloo

Demonstrated art pieces and insipired JK and KG kids towards making more art.