Contests by Sushila Goyal Group

This contest is brought to you by Sushila Goyal Group in collaboration with Belmont Village Bestival, funded by OMeghaSpark Corporation. It is open to anyone who would love to create an art piece on the theme 'Summer Fun'. Art submissions can be delivered to Raja Chettinand Indian Cuisine. Be sure to visit Bestival 2023 on Saturday, September 16th 2023 where the winners will be announced and prizes handed out. 

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Tamil New Year Art Contest, 2023

presented by Tamil Cultural Association

Tamil Cultural Assosication conducted an art contest on the occassion of Tamil New Year in April 2023. Megha Birmiwal was the judge for the art contest and a  mentor to the TCA  Arts Committee.  There were around 70 participants and the theme of the contest was 'Tamil Culture'. Sushila Goyal Group also sponsored an award  in the honor of Mrs Sushila Goyal.

presented by OMeghaSpark

Sushila Goyal Group conducted a community art contest for Laurelwood, Waterloo residents that was funded and supported by the City of Waterloo.  Laurelwood Public School, Abraham Erb Public School, St Nicholas Catholic School and Laurel Heights Secondary School sent out notifications to the students about this contest. Around 55 kids participated. The award ceremony was held at the Java Garden Cafe on April 1st. Several Laurelwood residents attended the event. It was a wonderful platform for the neighbours to meet and greet, and very inspirational and exciting activity for the kids to participate in.

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Art Contest, Diwali Festival 2022

presented by OMeghaSpark

Sushila Goyal Group conducted an art contest at the Diwali Event held on Oct 29th, 2022 at Country Hills Community  Centre. Around 50 kids of different age groups participated. The theme of the contest was Diwali. Winners were awared with certificates of achievement, and Michaels Art Store gift certificate in Rajasthani bandhej print envelopes by Megha Birmiwal, the founder President of Sushila Goyal Group

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